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If you are looking for a new website host to replace MobileMe, the answer is NewMobileMe, a simple, affordable place to host your iWeb site. NewMobileMe was created especially for users of  iWeb software. It is easy to use, just like iWeb. Follow the one-time setup instructions and then with one click of the mouse you can publish and host your website just like you used to with MobileMe. Once you switch to NewMobileMe you can continue to host your website whether or  not you have a registered domain name.

Most every hosting site requires that you purchase a domain name at extra cost before they will host your site. Not us. NewMobileMe hosts you site with or without a domain name. If you have an iWeb web site you need NewMobileMe as your MobileMe replacement.

Even though MobileMe is discontinuing web hosting services iWeb lives on. You still have all of your website information saved on your computer in your “Domain” file. By using NewMobileMe as your website host you can continue managing, creating and publishing websites with iWeb for business or personal use for years to come. NewMobileMe and iWeb both work with older Apple operating systems, as well as Lion and the new Mountain Lion. Act today and avoid the crunch of users trying to convert to a new host the end of June.

NewMobileMe is not affiliated with Apple in any way. We have no connection with Apple,

NewMobileMe - iWeb hosting for the rest of us

No long-term commitment. Cancel at any time.

Host up to 10 domain names or iWeb sites  for one $42. annual hosting fee.

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